The business world is often too turbulent, and with the growth of your business, the responsibilities increase too. Managing a growing business can prove to be hectic as it involves tracking the growth and chasing new business deals. Tracking the growth of a business is equally as important as chasing new deals, and both tasks require the attention of the business owner.

Why keep track of the growth of your online store?

Watching your business grow from inception is not only heartwarming, but it is also very motivating. However, most business owners are caught up at the moment and forget to keep track of the business growth. Keeping track of the business growth enables the business owner to understand the drivers of growth and failure perfectly. It is this information that you, as a business owner, will use to make decisions and come up with ideas that will further boost the growth of your online store. Therefore, it is highly recommendable that business owners find reliable ways to keep track of business growth.

Effective ways to monitor growth and progress in your online business

Monitoring growth effectively can be difficult at times owing to the busy schedules of business owners. However, you still can keep an eye on the growth of your business by adopting several measures which include:

  • Constant communication with customers

Staying in close contact with your customers not only enables you to understand them better but also get their perspective on your business. The customer’s feedback is arguably one of the most important pieces of advice in the business world, and anyone who ignores what their customers have to say will undoubtedly fail. There are several platforms on which you can keep in touch with your customers. All you need to always keep in mind is to ensure that you provide timely responses.

  • Implementing great ideas from employees

Many times employees put across great ideas that would turn the fortunes of the business, but due to ego, most business owners quickly dismiss the ideas thus limiting the chances of the growth of their business. But by listening to employees, you will have great ideas that will transform your business. Throughout the implementation stage, it is also important that you get regular updates about the turn of events.

  • A highly responsive website

The responsiveness of your site can be used to track growth and progress. Every new visitor to your site is considered a development since it shows that there is room for growth. The number of visitors on your website is used to gauge the performance of your site. With a responsive website, you will easily monitor the progress rate to enable you make timely decisions that will safeguard your business.

  • Proper data keeping

Because you are an online entrepreneur, your storage systems should be upgraded to ensure that your data is updated and secure. This data will come in handy when recording accounting books or when making major decisions concerning changes that may need to be implemented in the business. This data will also enable you to know your honest employees and also seal loopholes through which your online store might be losing data or money.


Your online business is arguably a significant investment, and thus you should constantly update on its growth and progress to help you make important business decisions. Development is certainly one of the most important aspects of every business. Therefore, proper monitoring mechanisms should be adopted to ensure real-time updates that provide accurate information on the state of the business.